10 Free Platforms to Build Websites and Pages

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There is no shortage of website building platforms and tools in the market. There are so many in fact, that finding a decent one isn’t much of a problem. If “decent” isn’t good enough for you, it gets harder. Finding a premium product becomes a challenge.

Affordability and ease of use are two important characteristics to look for; but they alone will not get you there. Personalization, flexibilityand guaranteed delivery of a website responsive and SEO optimized are even more important qualities.

Some of the most important features that users usually look for in a website builder tool are:

  • A tool or platform that offers simple and flexible content managementso that your projects run smoothly.
  • A responsive and user-friendly website is a must if you hope to compete or outperform the competition.
  • You want a platform rich in widgets; the more the better, to incorporate awesome features into your site.
  • A capacity to integrate with social networks has become a feature of modern websites.

Considering the aforementioned points, here are some of the most effective website building platforms that you can find in 2017 along with their amazing features.

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A free, high-quality website builder platform, Wix is ​​a cloud-based development tool that lets you create a landing page, website, blog, or e-commerce site with lots of built-in features. .

There’s a collection of over 500 pre-made templates to choose from, and you have complete freedom to customize any part or add features, animations, or backgrounds through an intuitive Wix editor.

The best part is that Wix lets you create a great website even if you don’t have any web development or coding experience. Also, there are different built-in tools that you can integrate into your website, including online store, professional blog, online booking and scheduling tool, multi-channel sales and online payment tool, among others. .

You can create a website on Wix for free with all the basic features and if you want more there are premium plans ranging from £4/month to £21/month for websites and £15/month to £27 £/month for professional websites.

Snap Pages


The SnapPages team took a great design platform, and reworked from scratchto offer a better one for building and managing modern and responsive websites. SnapPages 3.0 focuses on what users want and need; instead of providing a long list of features. The result: a platform made up of what can be the best website builder on the market today.

They even have optimized their drag-and-drop editor for touchscreen use, so you can make edits or edits on your tablet or laptop on the go. Their website templates are professionally designed, customizable, and mobile optimized; Plus, when you build a website with SnapPages, it’s completely cloud-hosted. You can access it anytime, from anywhere.

SnapPages is also a dream platform for bloggers. All the tools you need to create, share and even monetize your blog are there. If you are looking for a web design platform with features that will actually help youand not just sound good in a sales pitch, take a closer look at SnapPages.

Web feeds

web feed

Webflow gives designers the power to develop a responsive website their way – visually. Instead of having to immerse you in writing production-ready code, this design and development platform does it for you, while you design.

You can also create totally custom content structures and a custom database for every website you build, so you can reap the benefits of designing around real content. Again without writing a single line of code.

If you are a freelancer, Webflow frees you from the need to outsource developers to bring your vision to life. Webflow also gives members of the internal design team a tool they can use to create and share fully functional prototypes for review and feedback, create internal sites like style guides, or even quickly and easily create pages destination, blogs, help centers, etc. .



Built-in e-commerce, customer verification, and blogging capabilities make Pixpa a unique website building platform that you can share, showcase, and sell online. Pixpa is a super easy to use drag and drop website builder. Its cost-effective pricing plan includes customizable themes and unlimited images, hosting, and bandwidth. Sharing your work through digitally delivered files and taking feedback makes customer proofing easier.

Pixpa is also the choice of creative professionals from 108 countries, one of the reasons being the ability to create galleries and showcase work the way you want. The 12+ gallery layouts automatically adapt on all devices. You can create private galleries for customers, from which they can select images and/or provide feedback.

Pixpa websites are hosted in the cloud, ensuring constant availability and fast delivery.

Simbla website builder


Simbla Website Builder is a website, database and application building platform that allows you to build your websites in a Bootstrap environment. There’s nothing to install, no coding required, and you can access your site anytime.

Its many features include a host of useful SEO, design and development tools, and responsive website templates catering to all types of businesses. All your work is saved and stored.

Themify Builder

themification builder

No coding is needed when you use Themify Builder drag and drop to build a website. You’ll find the builder in any Themify theme, but you can purchase it and use it as a standalone tool or as a plugin for any WordPress theme.

Creating a website is easy and you can preview the results in real time as you progress. A useful duplicate function lets you clone modules for future use.



Just enter your content and you’ll have a fully responsive site up and running as easy as 1 – 2 – 3. That’s SITE123 in a nutshell. No coding or other technical expertise is needed, and SITE123 isn’t bogged down with a slew of options that can be more confusing than helpful. You can create your website for free. Hosting and additional bandwidth are available for a small monthly fee.



Simvoly is a platform designed to make it easy for you when you want to get online quickly. whether you have a presentation site, an online store, a gallery or a portfolio, or a blog.

Everything you create with Simvoly’s drag and drop builder and beautifully designed themes will be user-friendly and responsive. There are no transaction fees if you plan to sell online, and live chat support is there when you need it. You can try Simvoly for free for 14 days.



Do you like creating a website with ease? uCoz is for you. Do you also like to go under the hood once in a while so you can tweak the code to refine your design? uCoz is also for you.

It is one of the most flexible websites out there when it comes to having full control over your design. You will also get your money’s worth.



uKit is a great choice for you if you prefer to focus on the visual aspects of building a website and prefer not to get bogged down in technical details. uKit is a drag-and-drop builder that requires no coding.

A nice collection of designer-made themes will help you start your project(s) off on the right foot, and your resulting websites will be both SEO and mobile optimized.


What do these tools and platforms have in common? They’re all easy to use, they make good choices for pros and novices alike, and they’re free to try. One is completely free with an optional pricing package.

Each of these tools and packages produces SEO and mobile optimized websites. None need coding, although a platform considers designers/developers who like to do it – and allow it. There is something here for everyone.

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