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He is back! We counted all the hearts given to each Pen created in 2021 and created a top 100 list. Marie and Chris discuss this year’s list. Who’s on it, what’s on it, and dig into the numbers where we can.

Remember that people can write up to 3 times each, so if it looks like a pen lower in the list has more hearts than one higher in the list, it’s because of the core density. The number you see on the map only reflects the number of people who have hearts and not the true number of hearts.

Many people knock multiple times. George Francis struck 6 (!) times (7, 28, 59, 75, 80, 82), an impressive feat for a member who only joined at the end of 2020. Four people with four placements: Aysenur Turk (3, 11 , 14… and 🥁 1), Yoav Kadosh (17, 33, 72, 95), Dilum Sanjaya (22, 24, 64, 65) and Aybüke Ceylan (38, 46, 63, 91), and a few people in position 2. Phew!

“Full page” layouts were quite trending in the Top 100 this year. That is, pens that look like websites complete with widgets and maps and navigation and sidebars and the whole nine yards. This stands in contrast to some years past where more minimal, small but surprising pens were more dominant in the Top 100.

Any advice for those aiming for the top? Talk about your job. Almost no one on the list ever creates work and never shares it. Share it on social media, blog about it, make a video, re-promote it multiple times. Be part of the community by loving the work of others. Remember that your hearts come from other CodePen members. Also feel free to update and revise your pens. Many of the top 100 are updated and improved even after their first wave of popularity.

Time jumps

  • 01:43 Multiple heart of a pen
  • 03:26 Where to find the list for 2021
  • 04:11 #1 on the list
  • 07:31 George Francis on the list 6 times
  • 10:13 Sponsor: Netlify
  • 11:55 Get pens in front of the community
  • 14:52 He just must have something special
  • 15:15 Do the CodePen Challenges
  • 15:32 Publication in January vs December
  • 17:56 High Five to Yoav Kadosh
  • 18:34 carousel carousels
  • 20:18 New faces and old faces on the roster
  • 21:47 Personal favorite pens
  • 26:33 Full page user interface
  • 28:29 Bigger than smaller for 2021
  • 31:05 If you are new to CodePen…

Sponsor: Netlify

Do you have Netlify auth offers? They call it Netlify the identity. Why would you need authentication on a static site? Well, a static site can also be quite dynamic, that’s the nature of Jamstack. Suppose you are building a TODO application. No problem! You can require users to register and login. You can store their data in a cloud database. You can extract this user’s data from the database based on the logged in user’s information using Netlify Identity.

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