Apple Announces macOS Ventura – Here’s What’s New

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Apple today unveiled the next version of macOS at WWDC 2022: here is macOS Ventura.

macOS Ventura

What’s new in macOS Ventura

macOS 13 brings a host of new features. Here is a brief description of what they do.

Apple macOS Ventura What's New


Apple wants to give users a new way to multitask with programs. This is where Stage Manager comes in. It can be activated from the Control Center. When activated, Stage Manager keeps the current application you’re using, while automatically arranging all other application windows to the left side of the screen. It kind of looks like a 3D speed dial and helps create a distraction-free experience that you can use to focus on working with a specific app.

macOS Ventura Scene Manager

You can switch to a different app, and it will get focus while sending the previous app to the side. Apple’s video demo showed how users can group multiple apps together by dragging them onto the main app on the screen. Apps that have multiple windows open will be displayed collectively as a stack, and you can switch between them seamlessly. Clicking on the desktop minimizes all apps to the side, allowing you to access files and folders on your home screen.

macOS Ventura Scene Manager interface

Spotlight Search

The built-in search tool in macOS Ventura now supports Quick Look. When looking for a file, press the spacebar to preview it directly in Spotlight. Users can now search for files and photos stored on their Mac and on the web. Spotlight can also detect live text inside images (OCR). You can use it to create tasks like timers.

Spotlight on macOS Ventura

Spotlight in macOS Ventura can also be used to retrieve information about movies, music, sports, TV shows, businesses, etc., and the results are displayed in the search application window.

Spotlight on iOS and iPadOS

Here is the best part, Spotlight is coming to iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. It will be accessible directly from your iPhone and iPad home screen.

Messaging app

macOS Ventura’s Mail app supports unsend to quickly undo an email you may have accidentally sent to a contact.

macOS Ventura Mail App unsend

The email client also has a scheduled send (Send Later) feature that allows users to send the message at a specific time.

Schedule the macOS Ventura Mail app to send

Mail will show follow-up suggestions for emails that have not been answered. The Remind me option will notify you of a message, at a later date of your choice.

The macOS Ventura Mail app reminds me

The Mail app’s search bar will display recently shared documents, links, and searches. The app displays suggestions as you type, and if there are typos, it ignores the error and displays the result for the correct spelling. Search improvements in the Mail app are also available for iOS and iPadOS.

Apple Safari features in macOS Ventura

Apple Safari takes tab groups to the next level, it allows you to share them with your family, friends and colleagues using shared tab groups. Users can collaborate in real time to see which tabs are being used by other members. It also supports messages and Facetime.

macOS Ventura Apple Safari - Shared Tab Groups

Another new feature in Safari is Passkeys. This is Apple’s idea of ​​a passwordless system, it allows users to create IDs using biometric authentication options, i.e. TouchID (fingerprints) and FaceID ( facial recognition). Passkeys creates a unique digital key associated with the account it was created for, and the Cupertino company says it’s the most secure login system because it can’t be phished or leaked like normal passwords. Security keys will work in apps, websites and sync with Keychain. It supports Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

macOS Ventura - Apple Safari Access Keys

Apple says it has worked with members of the FIDO Alliance, including Google and Microsoft, to help create a cross-platform experience. You will be able to sign in to a non-Apple device using your iPhone.

Game improvements in macOS Ventura

macOS Ventura brings Metal 3 hardware-accelerated graphics for developers. It supports MetalFX Upscaling for realistic and immersive graphics with maximum performance. The company has confirmed that AAA titles such as No Man’s Sky and Resident Evil Village are coming to Apple Silicon with MetalFX Upscaling. The new Fast Resource Loading API helps speed up loading times in games.

Continuity Camera

Continuity is being extended in macOS Ventura. It supports Handoff for FaceTime, which can recognize when your iPhone is nearby and lets you transfer the call to your Mac.

macOS Ventura Facetime Transfer Continuity

Continuity Camera allows you to use your iPhone as a webcam, just attach it to your Mac screen and it detects it. There are different modes you can enable to enhance your video calling experience. Center Stage keeps the subject in focus by moving the camera as you move.

macOS Ventura Continuity Camera

Portrait Mode blurs the background, while Studio Light illuminates your face and dims the background to help in low light conditions. Desk View can use your iPhone’s wide-angle lens to create a secondary view mode, which focuses the camera (like an aerial camera) on the content on your desk. The new Continuity features will also be available in other apps such as Zoom, Teams, WebEx and more.

System Parameters

The System Preferences app has been renamed System Settings and the interface has been completely overhauled. Instead of an icon-based user interface, it now has a sidebar with various tabs to house options.

macOS Ventura System Settings

You can watch the Apple WWDC 2022 event on YouTube, the macOS section starts at 1:10:15.

Users with an Apple developer account can download macOS Ventura beta and install it on their computer. But, it is worth mentioning that the current version has lots of bugs, so it is not advised to try it on your primary Mac.

What’s your favorite feature in macOS Ventura?


Apple Announces macOS Ventura - Here's What's New

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Apple Announces macOS Ventura – Here’s What’s New

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macOS 13 has been announced by Apple. It’s called macOS Ventura, and here are the new features in it.




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