Apple will hold its mixed reality headset event in January

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The famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that Apple will hold a special event for its mixed reality headset in January.

The analyst says Developer Tools will launch “2-4 weeks after the event” and pre-orders will begin in Q2 2023.

Last month, Kuo warned eager Apple fans not to expect the highly anticipated mixed reality headset at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Indeed, the helmet was not presented at the big annual event of Apple.

Kuo said at the time that Apple would not want to announce the headset prematurely because “competitors will immediately launch copying projects and happily copy Apple’s great ideas, and hit store shelves before the launch of Apple in 2023”.

It’s debatable whether rivals would be able to copy Apple’s hardware and operating system – and then manufacture enough to launch in the coming months. Apple, with all its clout, would be grappling with the same chip shortages and other supply chain issues that plague the entire industry.

Kuo himself recently pointed out that competitors should be around 2-3 years behind Apple.

“Currently, the largest AR/VR headset chip vendor is Qualcomm, and its consumer solution XR2 has mobile phone level computing power,” says Kuo.

Apple’s headset is set to feature a three-screen setup (with two Micro OLED panels and one AMOLED) and over 10 sensors (including cameras) for advanced environmental and gesture sensing. It should support seamless transition between VR and AR.

The company is said to be setting low sales expectations for the first iteration of its headset due to its expected high cost, estimated at around $3,000. Apple only expects to sell about one headset per Apple Store per day.

Kuo expects future growth to be driven by “a more affordable second generation”.

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