Augmented Reality Trends in 2022

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Augmented reality has been known to most of us for quite some time. This is a technology that overlays a computer-generated image for a better real-world viewing experience. You can see digital images projected on specific devices through the lens used. AR, overall, provides an exemplary interactive user experience. AR is like a filter that changes according to an individual user. It works on how the user sees the world around them. Outside of this digital environment, AR makes it possible to roam freely and maintain physical interaction with the world while viewing digital items.

AR apps:

Today, a few companies are trying to use augmented reality to satisfy customers and businesses. Thus, currently, AR already has applications in various sectors.

– Pokemon GO, a mobile game that evolved a few years ago, enables the use of AR for in-game hunting.

– Some fun filters on social media platforms allow users to see many images.

WWFan application, allows you to explore various lands to observe wildlife, and augmented reality is the icing on the cake.

– Manchester United Football Club also offered an AR experience to allow fans to view as if they were sitting with the manager.

However, companies still focus on customer engagement for their products and services. Side by side, he brings marketing and sales experience. But companies can only limit their imagination because technology is also changing.

Top 7 AR Trends 2022

1. Glasses:

Smart glasses have been the hottest topic on augmented reality these days. Primarily, one of the top AR trends in 2022 is smart glasses. It is made possible by Apple. AR is therefore less of a novelty technology as it is an integral part of the future of AR in our daily lives. The day is not far away (2023) when people will use two and a half billion units of mobile AR devices.

Facebook has also enabled glasses with some cool features at a very reasonable cost.

2. 5G network:

While 5G was still an idea, AR and VR brought everything within reach of a layman. Smartphones are now available to almost every human today to access social media and video applications. 5G is entering the trend because much of AR relies on the complexity and capacity of the 5G network. And, you can only pair it with edge computing.

3. Expert remote assistance:

Overall, Remote Expert Support allows product and service experts to guide users or individuals facing a particular issue using augmented reality. This expert remote assistance is an emerging technology that is proving very useful. Whether it’s travel, research, or face-to-face services, remote expert support – with AR makes it all easier and faster. Now technicians walk users remotely through the steps and annotate the screen itself.

4. AR in sports and events:

As mentioned above, the Manchester United team has found ways to use AR in sports. The entertainment sector has pooled revenue from virtual reality and augmented reality. Advancing AR in sports and events involves delivering experiences from stadiums to concerts, theme parks, and more. AR also helps achieve a higher degree of accuracy and realism. WebAR has thus helped to organize various virtual events and careers.

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5. AR in class:

In addition to distance learning, schools have faced the challenge of incurred expenses. Research has shown that almost 95% of students have smartphones, which is not allowed in a typical classroom. Thus, 2022 ushers in an era of using augmented reality to improve learning outcomes and reduce infrastructure expenses.

It allows students to not only explore the science behind the environment. It includes various aspects like history, shape, geometry, species, etc. The initial cost is usually high. But from a long-term perspective, it offers more opportunities and is even more impressive.

6. Remote Collaboration, Learning and Socializing:

With the emergence of a pandemic, daily chores had come to a standstill. For example, learning online, working on MS Teams or Zoom, collaborating on Slack with colleagues, partying at home via video calls, etc. Remote has proven to be the most feasible and cost effective method in most cases.

It brought a revolutionary change in the usual way of life and led to many improvements. Sharing presentations on screens, using AR headsets, collaborating in awesome ways, of course, makes everything smarter and new to learn. In general, remote collaboration and remote activities will also continue.

7. AR in navigation:

AR helps in many ways as it has many benefits for indoor navigation. You can use tools that improve the user experience – antennas, QR codes, Bluetooth, etc. With AR technology, you can expect in-store navigation to grow further. It brings the future of augmented reality and helps customers while shopping.

Last words:

Although AR has been around for a while, there is still a lot to explore in this area. Lately there has been a huge shift in the marketplaces to bring more interactive experiences. In addition, many improvements have also been made in the hardware and software industry to make the functions smoother. Developers also benefit from these improvements.

Moreover, augmented reality is popular because it applies to multiple enterprises and industrial areas, etc. Augmented reality has therefore proven to be longer and has led to many trends throughout the year 2022.

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