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Hello forex friends, are still with us here to discuss information related to the forex trading market. Forex is one of the investment instruments that has the highest value compared to other investment instruments, as evidenced by the value of the profit provided can be many times the capital you use, this is also in accordance with the risks offered, much greater than the investment instrument game. such as stocks and bonds. Given that this forex game has existed for a long time as an effort to buy and sell foreign currencies, it is not surprising that until this moment there are still many people who play forex to earn profits every day. Well, talking about forex, of course you have compared which one is more profitable than stock or bond instruments, lucky if you visit this article because we will discuss the advantages of forex trading compared to other investment instruments. If you are curious, please just read the article below.

Advantages of Trading Forex over Other Instruments

  1. Your security and confidentiality is guaranteed

As one of the games in the investment market, forex also provides security guarantees for its members. Especially those of you who choose a broker on the internet. Of course you have thought or felt worried about the security services provided. As long as the company has clear regulations, we don’t think you need to worry about the security it provides. Your funds and accounts can be guaranteed and not leaked as many people have been told out there. Each broker has its own rules and policies regarding security guarantees for each member. Your funds will be stored properly in a segregated account where you can do a legal cross.

  1. Reports submitted online

In addition to the security of funds and guaranteed data, forex games also have other advantages, namely providing clear reports related to the transactions you have made, both opening positions, closing positions, sending funds, withdrawing funds and other transactions related to money. In fact, they will send the information in detail via registered email, so it is much more secure and detailed. In its development, forex is more in demand by the public because it provides many opportunities to seek profit or profit from the internet, it’s just that to be able to get that profit requires a high level of effort and commitment. Therefore, never play forex without proper preparation, but make sure to always play with your skills and abilities.

  1. Laverage can reach 1: 100

One of the advantages of forex games compared to other instruments such as stocks and bonds, there is a leverage that is worth 1: 100 which is based on the capital you give. Forex that provides leverage to reach 1: 100 this means, you can buy $ 10,000 using only $ 100 dollars. That is, the higher the leverage, the lower the margin and increase the profit obtained, it also applies vice versa which can result in losses. For that, make sure you have to be able to properly consider your investment plan with forex, because it is volatile and has high risk. Not many people are able to survive long from forex trading, those who get out quickly are people who want to get instant income or profit.

  1. Real time price

The price of the Forex market is always changing every time, even 1 second is quite influential on price movements. You could say this is inversely proportional to stocks, which usually go up slowly, but in forex it can be very fast whether it is experiencing an uptrend or a downtrend. You can watch this price movement by using the many tools provided by the broker, ranging from running news, price quotes and indicators that pass there. Be sure to apply 2 indicators when playing forex, firstly technical indicators based on overlays and oscillators and secondly based on fundamental indicators based on news and economic conditions that would affect forex market prices. You can play first with a demo account to ensure that your skills are well honed.

  1. You are an active investor

As we know that in the investment world, investors are known to be active in holding shares. First, in the world of stocks and bonds, investors will only see price movements from the company’s game, both up and down. While in forex, you can directly intervene to control it. The most important thing here is that your actions have a strong impact on future profits, at least first master all the terms in the forex trading world, then you will become an active investor every day. Determination of profit and loss based on your own way. You can perform fast execution, anytime according to your wishes.

  1. Everyone can join

In contrast to stocks, there are several requirements that must be met by every investor to be able to buy shares of a company. For forex, you simply register on the broker’s site and then start making deposits. Learning with a demo account is a good start to start your trading activities, we also recommend looking for a broker that really provides complete features, both easy deposit, easy-to-operate platform and really experienced cs. Make sure you already have an ATM or bank account in accordance with your own name when joining a forex broker agent.

  1. Trading hours 24 hours in 5 days

Imagine, you can trade 24 hours a day, and even then it can be done in 5 days / week. Because usually for Saturday and Sunday off. Well, advantages like this can be used by all traders to make profits while still compiling a good trading plan. Make sure to use that time as well as possible to get the right market price as your main consideration in opening and closing positions. Are you an office worker? You can also, because at night you can relax while trading forex. There is no limit to doing it all.

So, those are some important things you should know about the advantages of forex trading compared to other investment instruments. We hope that this content can provide a little education to you regarding understanding the forex world, because there are still many who still feel foreign to the forex market game. What’s more, to look for profits through there, please listen carefully and learn some more information in the form of tips and guidelines in forex investment to make the process easier later. Good luck and best regards. Thank you.


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