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This article lists some of the best free avatar maker apps for you in 2022 which provide best features and functions.

Creating and sharing cartoon images or avatars for your character is becoming very popular these days. You can use and share these avatars on different social media platforms and use them on various apps and portals. Moreover, users also upload these avatars as profile pictures on various gaming platforms.

Although professional graphic editing tools can help you create an avatar for your picture, you need professional knowledge to use these tools. This is where an avatar maker website comes in. By using these websites and portals, you can easily create the desired avatar for your images as you wish. Moreover, you don’t even need professional skills to create or modify the avatar. So even a beginner can create and edit the avatar very easily.

So, to help you further, we will list and introduce some of the best free avatar maker websites for you. By using them, you can create an avatar for your personality and character as you wish. Let’s take a look at the portals to continue.

What is the best free avatar maker website?

To provide the perfect answer to which is the best free avatar maker, we are listing the top 10 avatar maker websites below. You should check out the description and features of all these popular avatar maker portals and then use the one(s) you want.

1. Avatar Maker Free – One of the most popular avatar maker websites

Avatar Maker Free - One of the most popular avatar maker websites

Let’s start this list of the best free avatar maker websites with the best first. Avatar Maker is indeed a great portal to create avatars the way you want. What’s different about the portal is that it lets you create avatars in four different styles. All you have to do is select your charter gender and continue. Then the website will redirect you to the create and edit tool.

Here you can use the best avatar maker and maker. The website lets you change your face shape and customize your eyes, hair, wardrobe, and other attributes. After creating the avatar, you can easily share or download it as needed.

Visit the avatar maker

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2. Avatar Generator

avatar generator

Avataaars Generator is as easy as it sounds. This is one of the best free avatar maker websites with an easy to use interface. In addition, the portal also has many other features. Instead of an image-based user interface, the website uses a list. Therefore, you need to edit and provide your avatar’s characteristics by selecting the attributes from the list.

Finally, when you are done customizing the avatar, you can save it in PNG and SVG formats. Moreover, the portal also allows you to change the avatar coding for better management. One of the best features of the portal is that it allows you to create a random avatar for better results.

Visit the avataraar generator

3. Avachara


Avachara is a smart and best free avatar maker that allows multiple portals to create an avatar. You can choose from a variety of options and then select the one that suits your needs. Moreover, the avatar maker also lets you create customizable wedding cards.

One of the best features of Acachara avatar maker websites is that you can select your character attributes however you want. From face shape to beard style, from wardrobe to hair color, and more. You can customize the character to your needs very easily with just a few clicks.

Visit Avachara



CARTOONIZE is an easy way to draw your character. By using this best free avatar maker you can easily create the avatar of your images. All you have to do is upload your image from device storage and create avatars. Moreover, the website also comes with smart editing and customization tools to help you introduce your desired changes.

If you want to add objects and stickers to your image. You can also do this with the CARTOONIZE website. Being one of the best avatar maker websites, CARTOONIZE lets you easily adjust the colors and other attributes of your character.

Visit Cartoonize

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5. Draw


Cartoonify is the next website as the best free avatar maker. With the help of this portal, you can create your cartoon avatar very quickly. You can start creating the character after selecting the gender of the character you want. In addition, the portal offers you many customization features.

This is one of the free avatar maker website that also allows you to change your character skin color. Other than that, you will find features like customizable faces, eyes, hair, backs, clothes, and more. Finally, you can either share or download the created avatar with a single click.

Visit Cartoonify

6. BeFunky


BeFunky is another of the best free avatar maker websites. When you use this portal to edit the images, you have the option of creating an avatar or a collage. It is a popular avatar maker with multiple editing and customization features for your image. Moreover, the procedure of using the tool is quite easy for both beginners and professionals.

With the help of this free avatar maker, you can also edit images if needed. The portal gives you several options for drawing the images. You can select any of them to get the desired results. Moreover, you can also share the results directly to social media platforms and more.

Visit BeFunky

7. The Character Creator

The character creator

The next website on our list is The Character Creator. With the help of a character maker as the best free avatar maker, you can easily create male or female cartoons with just a click. Using the portal, you can easily create a new avatar or get one randomly. You can use the same and change the character as you need.

Moreover, it is one of the most amazing avatar maker website which allows you to change the skin tone of your avatar. Then you can change your character attributes like accessories worn, hairstyle, body pattern, legs, etc. It is one of the few websites that offers a full avatar instead of the usual bust size.

Visit the Character Creator

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8. Superheroes


If you like superheroes and other fictional characters. Then the Superherotar is the best free avatar maker for you. As the name suggests, the Superherotar is a portal that allows you to create characters based on superheroes. Additionally, you can select your character’s universe, Marvel or DC.

Using this avatar maker website, you can customize your character’s eyes, hair, height, makeup, accessories and other attributes. Moreover, besides the superhero character, you can also use the portal to create the normal characters. The website is very easy to use and offers you many features.

Visit Superherotar

9. Portrait Illustration Creator

Portrait Illustration Creator

If you want a simple but best free avatar maker then Portrait Illustration Maker is the best option for you. Although the interface of the website is quite plain and unattractive. He can do the job for you. Like any other viable alternative, you can use Portrait Illustration Maker to edit and customize your character to your needs.

With the help of this popular avatar maker, you can easily edit and set your character’s eyes, hair, glasses and other attributes and accessories. The portal allows you to get the desired character up to bust size only. Moreover, you can also download or share the output on different social media platforms.

Visit Portrait Illustration Maker

10. Charat


The last name on our list of the best free avatar maker tools is Charat. If you love manga, we think Charat’s website is for you. With the help of this portal, you can create your manga characters as per your requirement. Smart website customization options make it easy for you.

Additionally, Charat is one of the few avatar creation sites that allows you to directly share your creations. Moreover, you can also use the portal and get custom hairstyles, eye colors, hair colors, outfit styles, and more. You can also very quickly change the intensity and depth of the colors used for the character. The tool’s interface is multilingual and allows you to choose from more than 10 different languages.

Visit Charat

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Best Free Avatar Maker Websites With Multiple Features: Listed

So here are some of the best free avatar maker websites for you in 2022. With the help of these websites, you can easily create your desired avatar or character. These websites are a secure and useful source to bring your imagination to fruition.

You can use any of these avatar maker websites as you wish. However, all of these websites have different avatars in different styles. Therefore, the first thing to do is to select a portal based on the type of character provided. In addition, not all of them offer the same functionalities as each other. So go through the description of the portals, check out the websites and then select the one you want.

Also, if you have any problems while using the portal(s) or for more information. You can contact us using the comments section below. We will provide you with the necessary solutions as soon as possible. Also, if you liked any of the free avatar maker portals, let us know. Subscribe to the Techpout blog by entering your email address below. You’ll receive instant updates on new blog additions straight to your inbox.

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