British and US Navies sign fuel storage agreement for Scottish depots

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The British Royal Navy (RN) and the US Navy have signed a OK allowing the US Navy access to two depots in Scotland.

The new fuel storage agreement includes two key depots in Scotland – at Campbeltown and on Loch Striven.

Both depots already support Britain’s Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) and RN operations.

The initial term of the agreement is five years with an automatic extension period of five years.

The extended period will allow for revisions, further strengthening international cooperation and allied operations in the North Atlantic and Far North regions.

The agreement will allow the RN to purchase, deliver, store and issue bunker fuel and cargo fuel at the two depots on behalf of the US Navy and Military Sealift Command (MSC).

The FRG’s counterpart, MSC, is a crucial support and supply arm of the US Navy.

In addition to supplying US and MSC vessels, Campbeltown and Loch Striven depots will continue to hold and supply fuel to RN and RFA vessels.

The depots will also continue to supply the navies of other allied nations.

The Anglo-American agreement outlines close logistical cooperation between the RN and the US Navy, supporting the interoperability and integration agreement signed by London and Washington.

The Petroleum and Pipelines Agency, which operates the Naval Oil Fuel Depots, Director General Adrian Jackson said: “The Campbeltown and Loch Striven Oil Fuel Depots are delighted to have American fuel back on and the two depots will stock F-76s and F-44s for the US.

“Several visits have taken place over the past year with representatives of the US Navy and they foreshadow a future strong and reciprocal professional relationship. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

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