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Bravo to the technology that changes our appearance with a click! No makeup struggle and no editing issues. What celebrities do you look like? This can be discovered in a split second with a good celebrity lookalike app, and the results after that can be happily shared on social platforms. With advances in facial recognition technology, it’s so easy to alter our appearance that many people today are using lookalike filters and creating some really great memes. This number of users will only increase over time.

Talking about celebrity apps and filters and how they make our online lives livelier every day. There are many popular filters such as Hollywood celebrities, sportsmen, pop singers, political celebrities, tiktok celebrity filters, and many more, including gender swap filters that can change faces female in male versions and vice versa.

Examples of celebrity lookalike applications

  • Slope

    A celebrity lookalike app known for its awesome features like creating collages with a series of pictures. Gradient automatically matches your profile with the best possible celebrity, and the user can easily upload photos later. Privacy and security are a priority for all user data. However, you have to pay for the best features of this app. The AI ​​features are nice but you’ll be a little frustrated with the long ads. Data security information is not available on playstore. While the type of data stored and used is mentioned on the iOS App Store.App Store – 3.8 stars (168 ratings)
    Play Store – 4.4 stars (264,000 reviews)

  • Celebrities

    Celebs app compares and matches images with high accuracy rate. It is known for its solitary twin face identification features, AI portraits with the best likeness and fast results. Celebs is an app that uses machine learning technology to identify emotions and expressions. But it’s not free. If you’ve opted for a paid plan, the auto-renewal feature charges 24 hours before the plan expires. So, turn it off at least two days before auto-renewal runs to stop auto-payment. App Store – 4 stars (238 ratings)
    Play Store – 3.7 stars (15,000 reviews)

  • starry face
    It’s a relatively new app and not as good as the previous two. Upload a photo for easy conversion; Starby generates a new image corresponding to celebrities and soon after the image is recognized, these are immediately deleted. No information is available about data security and privacy of apps on Play Store and App Store.
    App Store – 1 star (1 review)
  • Look alike – Celebrity

    The database of this app includes famous actors, musicians, YouTubers, athletes, entrepreneurs, etc. Most of its features are free. However, comparison with all celebrities in the database is only available with a full subscription. No data security information is available on the Play Store. Play Store – 3 stars (6,000 reviews)
    App Store – 2.6 stars (5 ratings)
  • Strella

    Strella allows users to choose from recent images or click on the spot and convert them into celebrity faces from its database. The user’s face is compared against a thousand famous superstars before providing their results. Data is not encrypted in this app. However, the Play Store developers mentioned that this app does not collect any data other than the device or other identifiers. Play Store – 3.3 stars (526 reviews)
    Not available on the App Store
  • Y star

    Same job, different application. Y Star is known for editing photos with the best resolution, supports HD images and has a large database of celebrities. Y star’s unique feature helps you find your celebrity twin, regardless of gender. Personally, this is such a bad practice.Play Store – 3 stars (1k reviews)
    App Store – 4.8 stars (13 ratings)

Benefits of celebrity lookalike apps

  • You can share photos with good resolution on social networks with your family and friends.
  • Easy to use, fun and friendly interfaces.
  • Most algorithms provide an exact likeness.
  • Apps like celebrities and star by face can be downloaded for free with free trials.
  • Some apps like Gradient offer funnier features than just finding look-alike celebrities.

Disadvantages of Celebrity Lookalike Generator

  • Most of these apps raise serious red flags when you consider data privacy.
  • Some of these apps are expensive to enjoy all the features.
  • Natural beauties are hidden. With the repetitive use of these filters, everyone wants to look perfect digitally, which makes them lack confidence in real life.
  • Users are starting to compare themselves to unrealistic beauty standards set by overuse filters, increasing anxieties, mental health experts say.
  • The false perfection syndrome is a strong urge to constantly prove oneself to be perfect in the social world, despite the fact that it is practically impossible.

How do similar apps work?

The main technology behind these celebrity-looking apps is facial recognition. Some of the advanced methods used for accurate results are OpenCV method, Seetaface method, and YouTu methods.

Every program in the world operates on a 3-step principle: input, processing and output. Similarly, celebrity lookalike apps follow this principle and here are these three basic steps:-

  • Face detection and analysis: The detection camera scans and analyzes using 2D images. This is so because the images of celebrities and people in the databases are stored in 2D. Our face has distinct markings that make up our facial features. These are called nodal points in the technical vocabulary. A facial recognition system measures these nodal points. A human face has 80 nodal points. Some of them are the distance between the eyes, the length of the nose, the shape of the cheekbones, etc.
  • Facial imprint: Just as each individual has a unique fingerprint, so does the face print. The analyzed image is converted into a digital value using mathematical formulas to obtain a facial signature.
  • Linking : Finally, your faceprint is compared to other celebrities’ faceprints stored in databases for authentication and off you go! Enjoy the results with your celebrity lookalike.

Issues and Challenges

Every technology faces challenges. Whether big or small. Sometimes inaccuracies and misinformation can lead to emotional breakdowns. A very disturbing fact says that errors detected in facial recognition are more common on dark-skinned faces than on light-skinned faces. Moreover, the detection is observed to perform poorly in the elderly, women and children when comparing its accuracy with the faces of middle-aged men. Majority of the issues are listed as follows –

  • Pose variation – Slight disturbances in face and neck postures hamper the accuracy rate.
  • Variation of illumination and expression- It all depends on the lighting and your mood. Although most algorithms are built to take into account all kinds of facial expressions, large variations can be a challenge.
  • Aging- Wrinkles and fine lines on the face due to aging can produce errors and inaccurate results
  • Occlusions- Irrelevant or extraneous accessories on the face that may interfere with the scanning process, for example scarves, masks or new piercings. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) concluded that 50% of the total number of times the facial recognition algorithms studied could not correctly identify a person wearing a mask.
  • Similar faces- Siblings, cousins, and family members who are twins or have identical facial features can be a difficult part of this technology.
  • Image resolution- Image quality plays a vital role in accuracy. The higher the resolution of the image, the fewer errors there are to detect.
  • Racial discrimination- Misrecognition such as misidentification is observed depending on skin color. This racial challenge is disturbing to citizens who face errors when using facial recognition apps.

It’s always good practice to design websites and apps that don’t deliberately mislead people. You can read our blog on dark UI/UX patterns and avoid them in your digital products.

Other similar application ideas.

  1. Use of voice- What if apps choose a celebrity that matches your voice rather than your looks? Similar voice-based apps will have a higher share in positive reviews, less comparison on physical appearances, and stay closer to the real world.
  2. Use caricatures- To expand the target audience to small children and people who love cartoon world, another idea is to convert real pictures into cartoons which look like faces.

Future demand for similar applications

It is estimated that by 2025, more than 243 million Americans will use social media platforms to post photos and more. People enthusiastically engage in fun activities on social media and love to share these results with their friends and audience. This is evident with the rise of Instagram and Tik-Tok celebrity filters.

Moreover, according to Statisticalthe facial recognition market is growing.

Global facial recognition market size (in billion US dollars).

The future of similar apps will depend on how product designers can create these apps in a fun and safe way. As mentioned, very few of these apps are serious about data privacy. And people outright reject apps that don’t value data privacy.

Besides the entertainment purposes of exchanging glances with celebrities and enjoying the results, face detection apps like Face ID to unlock devices are part of our daily experience. In addition, facial recognition technologies will help detect the identity of criminals and better solve thefts.

Take away food

Facial recognition technology has a strong future demand in entertainment and professional sectors like privacy and security issues. Once we find ways to address given ethical issues and challenges, these apps will be accepted by a wider audience without fear and will facilitate more enjoyment.

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