Characteristics of Forex and Legal Brokers in World

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Characteristics of Forex and Legal Brokers in Indonesia – Trading is now one of the most profitable online activities. There have been many people who have successfully used trading as a lucrative source of income. To do so requires high seriousness so that the trades that they run can produce.

Of the many types of trading that exist, Forex Trading is the most chosen compared to other types of trading. This is because Forex Trading can be done easily for both professional traders and beginners. Trading Forex is the same as trading forex or currencies. Where you must have money capital if you want to play forex trading.

If you have decided to rely on Forex Trading, then you must live it with high seriousness. In addition, you also need one very important role, namely a broker. The task of this broker will be able to connect so that you can make transactions in the Forex Trading market. This broker has a very important role, so you should use it.

By relying on a broker, you will benefit from running Forex trading. You should also know the characteristics of a Forex Broker who has a good reputation value. Currently there are lots of fake brokers who often cheat on novice traders. So that the money that should be used to run his Forex trading does not develop and is misused by bogus brokers.

Therefore, you must know what the characteristics of a really quality and reliable broker are. The following are the characteristics of a Forex Broker and are legal in Indonesia!

  1. Clear Identity

The first thing you should know about the characteristics of a legal and trusted broker in Indonesia is to have a clear identity. There are several things you should pay attention to, such as your full name and the information on your ID card. Usually the Broker’s identity will be written in full through his personal profile such as name, address, email, phone number and so on.

One of the most important things you should pay attention to is the address of the Trading Broker. You can check the address described whether it really has an official office or not. In addition, you also have to make sure it is clearer, usually people use fake addresses as references so that traders are deceived by fake brokers who offer them.

By knowing a clear and complete identity, you will certainly get a broker that is truly trusted and has good quality. You can then rely on the broker to carry out the Forex trading that he lives.

  1. Good Reputation

The next characteristic of the Forex Broker is that it has a very good reputation. You have to know who the Forex Broker is. Is it true that the Forex Broker that offers you is well known and proven or not. Usually Forex Brokers who have a good reputation will be in great demand by people to use their services.

In addition, good Forex Brokers are often rated positively by people for their efforts. For that, you should look for a reputable Forex Broker. To find out, you can check the testimonials from the targeted Broker whether it is really quality and reliable or not. Usually Forex Brokers who have a good reputation are Brokers who are experienced in handling this field.

Having a good reputation is indeed a very important mainstay for brokers. They should give confidence to novice traders who want to learn Forex Trading. By relying on a Forex Broker who has a good reputation, of course the Forex Trading that you run will be successful.

  1. Have an Official Business License

Be careful with fake Forex Brokers who don’t have an official business license to run Forex. Indonesia has provided provisions regarding Forex Broker service providers must register first with BAPPEBTI. Where service providers must first obtain official permission from BAPPEPTI.

This is so that brokers are not carelessly running Forex, so they have to do it according to the rules that have been determined by BAPPEBTI. If there is one Broker who does not follow the rules that have been determined. Then BAPPEBTI will take strict action against Brokers who abuse their authority to no longer run Forex in Indonesia.

With an official business license, Broker service providers will be monitored closely. They will not abuse their responsibilities as a Forex Broker service provider. The risk of fraud or fraud will not occur for sure. Here you have to be careful if there are Forex Broker service providers who do not have official permission. You don’t need to join the Broker service provider.

  1. Good Service

As a Forex Broker service provider, it seems they will not get customers if the service system is not good. For this reason, a good service system is one of the most important keys for Forex Broker service providers. That way, customers will not easily turn to other Forex Broker service providers.

To see it, you can test it by seeing what kind of services are provided by the Forex Broker service provider. Some of them are handling technical needs related to trading activities, the response of the Forex Broker service provider when a problem occurs, and various other tests.

A good Forex Broker service provider will definitely guide you from start to success. Whatever problems you experience, a solution will be provided by the Forex Broker service provider. If not, you should look for another provider that provides better service than before.

  1. Complete Facilities

The next characteristic of Forex Broker service providers is that they have very complete facilities. As a service provider, forex brokers should have complete facilities so that customers can enjoy them as expected. Later people who use your services will not be disappointed with the services offered because they have complete facilities.

Usually the Traders will conduct a survey about the facilities provided by the Brokers. Complete facilities will be the choice of traders to carry out their Forex trading. Some of the facilities that you should pay attention to are spread values, low commissions, competitive prices, having a Forex Trading platform, providing a demo account, and so on.

With complete facilities, there are many benefits that can be obtained by traders who join. As a Forex Broker service provider, you will not be harmed because there will be a lot of Traders joining it. That way, you can run Forex Trading according to what is expected. Surely you will get satisfactory results if the Forex Broker service provider has complete facilities.

That’s information about the characteristics of Forex Brokers and legal in Indonesia. Hopefully useful for all of you, thank you.


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