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MVNO telco,, is hosting a massive End of Financial Year (EOFY) sale in which it offers unbeatable new mobile plan deals for new and existing users looking to get more for their money.

So what are the offers? Well, basically, the current 6-month offers from the telecom operator are extended to a full year. This means you can get more data with call and text offers for less.

Here are the offers:

Package price Price before transaction Sale price Data Inclusions
$10 N / A $10 5 GB Unlimited calls + texts
$20 $25 $20 30 GB Unlimited calls + texts
$25 N / A $25 50 GB Unlimited calls + texts
$30 $45 $30 100 GB Unlimited calls + texts

These offers are now live on the website and you can check them out out therethe offers set to expire on July 1.

You can also check the coverage via this link hereas piggybacks on the Optus 4G+ network, so it’s worth checking out what coverage you might expect to have by checking via the link above.

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