Factors Causing Failure in Forex Trading

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Playing forex trading is one of the pleasures that can actually pay off if you can play with the right consistency and use the right strategy. You also need to know that the Forex market around the world is one of the largest financial markets, for that reason many entrepreneurs and investors like to pursue the world of forex because it is quite promising. Experience and skills are important as a trader’s main provision when plunging into the world of forex. You can get lots of guides and tips for successful forex playing through the internet, journals and other sources. However, can all these tips work smoothly if you yourself are still having trouble doing it? In the following we want to give you an example as a trader about the factors that cause failure in playing forex trading, who knows from here you can see and evaluate the way you see market movements. Check out his review below.

Factors That Cause Many Traders Fail to Play Forex

Some of the reasons mentioned below are based on the experience of traders who have experienced failure when they started to enter the forex world. It’s just that, not all of the factors that really affect the way you play forex. Check out the following.

  1. Don’t want to know the ins and outs of the forex world

The fatal mistake that is the main factor causing you to fail in forex trading is not wanting to know about the ins and outs of the forex market. Even though learning to explore the trading market is so crucial before you jump into trading. Not many people realize that the successful traders out there need a long time to understand the ins and outs of forex from the most basic to the higher stages. So what about those of you who want to succeed from forex if you don’t want to explore the ins and outs of your own game?

In general, many traders prefer to learn from the easiest way, namely through YouTube videos, playing live or reading article content. Is this helpful enough? We can say “Yes”, learning to explore the forex market in the 3 ways above is enough to help you understand in more detail this game, not just knowing open positions and cut losses, but being able to determine when the right signal is to open a new position in the currency pair. really promising money for profit. You should also learn other things that are still related to economic and geopolitical factors that affect the price of currency pairs on Forex, otherwise you are like a blind man walking without using his cane. Also prepare everything to be able to deal with regulations, conditions and events that will have a significant impact on the market. Don’t care about profit and loss first, learn this in depth, especially your own skills in trading. Remember what your goal is to jump into the world of forex trading, if the answer is for the future, then try even harder.

  1. Try a live account without a demo account

The factor that causes many people to fail in playing forex is “in a hurry”, literally everyone wants to get rich quick or the smoothest language doesn’t want to lose and make a quick profit. This is what makes you a trader who does not know the meaning of “financial management”. Forex is a trading platform with high risk, if you are not careful in trading, you can lose big. For example, you don’t want to learn from a demo account that is usually provided by every broker that you can try first. If you want to know, this is where a successful trader can achieve success before they decide to actually become a professional trader. The demo account of any forex broker is not a sure measure of whether you can make a profit or even a loss, but as a benchmark to where you understand market conditions and the terms in it.

  1. Using big capital with big money expectations

The mistake that causes many traders to fail is to use large capital without taking into account the correct trading strategy. Even today, there are still many forex traders who still do it. Everything that is too excessive with high enthusiasm does not necessarily match the expectations we get, on the contrary, losses can come quickly. Moreover, it does not take into account the current market conditions. The forex market is a fairly volatile market that can experience changes in a large time, so the risk is very high. For those of you who want to play forex, be sure to use a small capital first. Use a money management system so that your money is not wasted. Forex is indeed promising, but if it is not based on the right technical and fundamental strategies, it can be a frightening specter for yourself.

  1. Impatient and discipline

Another factor that can cause you to fail in trading is a lack of patience and discipline. Whereas in playing forex it takes great patience to practice certain opportunities. You often see aciton not reaching the price you expect and when that happens, you should be more disciplined and remain confident with the initial consideration before opening a position. The best scenario, if you want to be disciplined and stay patient when playing can get a profit, at least a few percent of the capital is enough for a start.

  1. Not protecting your own Trading account

Next, the most fatal factor in the forex world is not protecting the account you have. We recommend money management techniques once again for those of you who have plunged into the world of forex because they are quite influential in achieving your success later. On the other hand, the main part of playing forex is to keep protecting your account when you have to accept a loss and continue trading again. We recommend using a stop loss as an initial protection for your account and making sure that the loss is not too large. Traders usually apply the maximum amount for losses and keep planning the limits of the losses that they will later get. One other way that you can use to protect or protect your forex account is with a Trailing Stop.

Conclusion :

Until now, the forex market is very attractive for traders because the profits obtained are clearly greater than other types of trading. It’s just that, without proper management and analysis, it can make such a big loss. Therefore, we hope that after you finish reading this article, deepen your forex knowledge and apply money management as well as possible.

So much information from us about the factors that cause many traders to fail in forex trading. That is all and thank you.


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