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FastForward is a cross-platform browser extension that automatically bypasses link shorteners, trackers, and intermediate URLs when enabled. It works on sites such as,,, or, and thousands of others.

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Intermediate pages may be used for user tracking, displaying advertisements or for other purposes.

The browser extension is available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers. FastForward is a fork of the discontinued Universal Bypass extension, which we reviewed in 2018 here on this site.

The extension is open source and you can check out the GitHub repository here to see the code.

Skip intermediate page

Many sites and services use intermediary pages. Some use them for tracking purposes, others to reduce the display of web addresses on their sites or to generate revenue. Depending on the type of intermediate page, users may be automatically redirected to the destination, may wait before being able to continue, or may be required to perform an action.

FastForward automatically bypasses intermediate pages. The extension works automatically once installed in a compatible browser.

It is recommended to check the preferences first, as you may want to adjust some settings before you start using it. To do this, left click on the extension icon.

Crowd Bypass uses the wisdom of all extension users to enable bypasses for intermediate links that cannot be bypassed automatically. Basically what it does is take the information of the first user who does whatever is necessary to reach the destination and pass it on to all other users of the extension.

While this is useful on the one hand, some users may not want the information to be submitted to the project. The team notes that the intermediate page URL, destination URL, and a hash of the user’s IP address are logged in the process.

You can uncheck “Crowd Bypass: Give and Take Must-Have Shortener Destinations” to disable the feature.

Developers using the extension can test custom workarounds and submit them to the team for all users to benefit from.

A list of example redirects is provided on the project website.

Closing words

FastForward is a useful browser extension that skips intermediate pages. This speeds up the loading of the destination and thus can improve privacy. Internet users who regularly encounter these intermediate pages benefit the most from the installation.

Now you: how do you manage intermediate pages?

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