Fitbit owners are getting new premium sleep profiles

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Fitbit announced premium sleep profiles for select device owners this week, allowing you to get deeper insights into your sleep. If you own a Sense, Versa 3, Versa 2, Charge 5, Luxe or Inspire 2 device, you should start seeing these new profiles from early July or receive updated details thereafter around the first of each month.

To break it down, Fitbit’s sleep profile will analyze a user’s sleep across 10 key metrics each month, calculating trends, then comparing them to what’s typical for the user’s age and gender. The hope is that this information can then show users where they can improve in the sleep department.

Fitbit also uses adorable animals to best describe your sleep. For example, there is a bear (someone with a consistent sleep schedule who quickly achieves restful sleep) and there is also a hedgehog (falls asleep later and wakes up earlier – light sleeper). There’s a ton of data to sift through, so for those who love sleep tracking, it’s a great bonus to own a Fitbit.

You’ll need Fitbit Premium to use it, of course. It will cost you $10/month or $80/year.

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