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In December 2021, Dos Mas Uno and Gerardo Rozin came together in the studio to record two songs, sealing the artistic bond that united them.

The idea of ​​recording had existed ever since, conceived by Dos Mas Uno and Gerardo Rozin. Morphy’s Rock – then they performed live at CABA – called this section “The most beautiful songs in the world”, which runs through the trio’s own versions and Gerardo’s lyrics, which are important pieces of the Ibero-American songbook.

Now, after the presentation of I’ll stayThe second recording of this day is now available on the digital platform, I live,

Cover of Gerardo Rozin's single with the group Dos Mas Uno.

Cover of Gerardo Rozin’s single with the group Dos Mas Uno.


“Gerardo felt comfortable singing with us like we did behind closed doors, so when we told him we wanted to go into the studio to record something before the end of the year, he wanted to part ways. immediately, all three tell about this meeting.

I’ll stay, by Pablo Milanes, was the song that Dos Mas Uno proposed to record because they consider it a symbol of the meeting between the musicians and the host. It is with this song that he closed the program “The most beautiful songs in the world”.

Gerardo not only accepted but also offered to record I live by Kuchi Leguizamon. This is the song he chose to sing with the trio in May 2021 Morphy’s Rock And, somehow, put words to the delicate state of health he was going through and of which only his relatives were aware. “I wanted to say there was something going on but I didn’t want to make the headlines,” Gerardo says in the introduction to this heartwarming version.

Two plus one.

Two plus one.

Dos Mas Uno composers agree: “We recorded in one take. We put ‘rec’ and Gerardo starts talking and leaves us the prelude where, for the first time, he verbally tells that when he finds out his diagnosis, this is how he lived at that time, and why the song of Qiuchi has stayed with him since childhood.

And he adds: “We think he wanted us to leave when we were living together, because he opened the door to his house and his schedule for us. We were all calm that day, satisfied of the meeting, were taking great care of themselves due to the pandemic, but the atmosphere of an early farewell was passing. It was a very strong moment, with a mystery that will not be forgotten. We lived a beautiful musical and artistic encounter Were”.

two plus one

Composed of the outstanding guitarist Marcelo Delamia, talented musical director, producer and guitarist Hugo Delamia, and Ariel Sánchez, percussionist, drummer and reference of the instrumentalists of our country, Dos Mas Uno is today one of the main musical groups original. ,

Dos Más Uno has just returned from a successful tour in Austria, Slovenia and Sweden, where he gave a dozen concerts which were well received by the public. Recognized and acclaimed by local and foreign audiences, it quickly became one of the most listened to projects of new Latin American popular music.

Possessing remarkable versatility and a relentless quest to achieve the maximum expression of each instrument, the three volumes incorporate a vast repertoire that encompasses their current approaches to popular classics, music by contemporary authors and, of course, want to reflect their own point of view. . and innovative creations.

The group has released two albums, two plus one (2012) and vigilance (2018). In addition, for four years he has participated in one of the most watched programs on Argentine television, Morphy’s Rock (Telephone). In this framework, he shared live music with other great artists such as Fito Páez, Soledad, Antonio Tarago Ros, Rossana, Jairo, Ismail Serrano, Jorge Fandermol among others.

Since 2012, Dos Mas Uno has performed on several stages in Argentina and Europe, taking their music to countries such as Austria, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Germany, Sweden and France. . Sometimes they share the stage or the recording with Chango Spasiuk, Luis Salinas, Daniel Mazza, Jacques Morelenbaum, Eva Aylon, Julia Zenko, etc.

They performed more than 30 concerts during their European tours, including the final of the Latin American week at the Frankfurt School of Music, a tribute show to 100 years of Violet Parra at the ORF Auditorium in Vienna, sponsored by national radio. from Austria, and the inaugural concert of the Uppsala Guitar Festival in Sweden, with the iconic Brazilian guitarist Yamando Costa in October 2019.


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