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One of the biggest debates you will see on the search engine is “Does content length matter for good SEO”. And everyone has a different opinion.

Some people believe that content becomes optimized as the length increases. While others have an opinion, that the quality of content is more important than its quantity.

Both parties have the correct estimates. But the thing we need to focus on is which elements need more importance.

For those who think increasing the length of content is important, give the rationale, that it helps you get more backlinks and engage more readers.

On the other hand, SEO experts with an alternative opinion say that readers are interested in facts rather than content length.

Is it important to increase the length of the content?

We can’t deny the importance of backlinks. They play a vital role in improving SEO and getting higher rankings on the search engine.

But at the same time, if someone only focuses on content length and avoids good SEO tactics, they will lose their position on the search engine.

Thus, you will have to agree that the quality of the content is more important than its quantity. It plays a vigorous role in engaging more readers and increasing their knowledge.

Suppose you are writing an article that could be covered in a few paragraphs. But you increase its length just for SEO. This will not make the content optimized.

Readers will look for the exact answer in your blog. So you need to provide them with the actual answers instead of increasing the length of the content. Otherwise, it will waste you and the reader’s time.

Things that matter a lot other than content length

Content length can be an SEO element that would increase search engine rankings. But there are other more important things you need to focus on while writing the article.

As a writer, you can never ignore the importance of these factors as they will help you get more audience on the page and get higher search engine rankings.

1. Provide value to readers

Even if the reader lands on your page, if they don’t get the valuable material on the page, they will soon leave your site.

Therefore, you need to provide them with a message that could value their time and help them gain additional knowledge about your page.

Make sure you are providing the same thing to readers that they are looking for. This will increase the value of your website.

You need to know what readers expect from you. Write for the audience that could increase their knowledge and help them solve their problems.

2. Keep content to the point

Your content should be relevant. Avoid adding irrelevant lines that are not relevant to the topic as this will lead to distracting readers.

For this you can set the word limit. This will help you get the juice out of the content and weed out ideas that aren’t very important to the topic.

If you find it difficult to control the length of the article, you can opt for an online word counter and get the number of letters online. This counter will display the total number of words and characters you have added to the article.

Moreover, you can also check the keyword density in the tool. This will help you keep the content away from keyword stuffing and make it feel natural to the audience.

3. Avoid line errors

A mistake is a natural phenomenon that anyone can make. But you need to remove this problem from the lines and make the content error free.

Sometimes it happens that a writer starts writing in a stream and there he makes grammar problems in the lines. This will lead to distracting the reader.

This is why the authors must make efforts on the quality of the content. Make sure you’re not just focusing on length. Other elements are also important for SEO.

4. Use the right keywords

The keyword is another crucial factor that will help you attract the right audience to the page. This will lead to an increase in your site’s ranking.

In the race for long content, we must not forget that we must put the right keyword in the content. Otherwise, all your efforts will be in vain.

If you rank for the wrong keyword, it won’t benefit you because the audience will land on the wrong page and immediately come back. This will increase the bounce rate of the page.

5. Offer more than words

Providing value to readers means you offer them more than words. They can get additional knowledge about your site.

For example, you can add images to topic-related content. This will make it easy for the audience to understand the intent of the topic.

Plus, they will have something new to learn from the pictures. For example, if they lack ideas in the content, these infographics will help them acquire knowledge. Therefore, writers should use additional elements in the blog post.

Last words

Undoubtedly, increasing the content length would help you get more backlinks. Plus, readers will spend more time on your page.

But the other thing you need to remember is that the content should be authentic and valuable to readers.

If you lack this thing in the blog, it will be difficult for you to attract the audience to the page. Therefore, it is very important to focus on the quality of the content.

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