How to Run Thunderbird Beta Alongside Stable Mail Client

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The Thunderbird email client is available in several editions. Most users use the stable version of the email client, but some may also be interested in running the beta and nightly editions of Thunderbird.

Thunderbird 102 was recently released in beta; Since this is a new major release, some users may want to check it out before the final release, for example, to find out if add-ons are still working, how changes and new features work, or if other problems are encountered.

To note: Beta versions may contain bugs and other issues, and some features may not be complete or available at all. It is recommended to run the beta version of Thunderbird alongside the stable version and back up Thunderbird data regularly.

Interested users can download the latest beta version from the official website. Thunderbird users have two options when it comes to installing the beta version of the email program on their systems:

  1. Install the beta version of Thunderbird in a separate directory to run it alongside the stable version of Thunderbird.
  2. Install the beta client in the same program directory, to replace the stable version.

Most users may want to install the beta in a separate directory, especially if it’s for testing. The Windows version of the installer will automatically use a different directory — C:Program FilesMozilla Thunderbird Beta instead of C:Program FilesMozilla Thunderbird used by the stable edition — and Linux and Mac users should select a different directory. installation folder to separate beta and stable versions.

Thunderbird beta install

Select the custom installation option during installation to see the destination folder and get an option to change it. Simply enable the Browse button and choose a different target folder for installation.

Thunderbird Beta will be installed in a separate directory. Be sure to uncheck the “Make Thunderbird the default email client” option during installation. The email client will create a beta profile for the new version of Thunderbird, which means data is not imported from the stable profile by default.

import from Thunderbird

Thunderbird 102 includes improved import options, making it easier to import data from stable to beta.

  1. Activate the Alt key to display the menu bar in the Thunderbird Beta interface.
  2. Select Tools > Import.
  3. On the import screen, make sure “Import from another Thunderbird installation” is selected and enable the Continue button.
  4. You are prompted to choose an existing Thunderbird profile detected by the Thunderbird Import Tool, Browse for Profile, or Choose a Compressed Profile.
    1. Tip: If you have more than one profile and you’re not sure which one to choose, open the stable version of Thunderbird, press the Alt key to display the menu, select Help > More troubleshooting information, then activate the “Open the folder” then to the profile folder. The profile name of the activated profile is identical to the folder name. Close the Thunderbird stable window before continuing.
  5. Select Continue once you have made a selection.
  6. All data is imported by default, but you can disable the import of accounts and settings, address books, calendars, or email messages. Select Continue.
  7. The next page provides a summary of what was selected. Click “Start import” to import the data.
  8. Thunderbird may become unresponsive for a while and eventually the email client will be restarted to complete the data import.

The email client will automatically restart and all imported data should be displayed.

Note: Pop3 data will not be imported. You can look at the proposal on the project’s official beta page to learn how to fix this issue.

Thunderbird 102 will be released in the coming months. You can use the described method for future beta releases and even for Thunderbird Daily releases, which are development releases that are even more advanced than beta releases.

Now you: Are you looking forward to Thunderbird 102?


How to Run Thunderbird Beta Alongside Stable Mail Client

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How to Run Thunderbird Beta Alongside Stable Mail Client

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Learn how to run the stable and beta editions of the Thunderbird email client side by side.


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