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Publishing an iOS app is a bit of a critical task as the App Store follows a main guideline to provide a safer environment for the user to obtain applications. To do this, a team of experts examines the application and introduces users to it. It has five stages of sections starting with Safety, Performance, Business, Design and Legislation. Once you have cleared these steps for your iOS app, you can enter the competitor app store.

Steps must be followed in the iOS app

1. Security

First is always first – once your app is installed, people should feel it’s safe.

  • The app you post should never have terms, content, etc. offensive.
  • If you have a social media app, there must be a filter for objectionable content, reporting of abusive or offensive content, the ability to suspend abusive users.
  • Once your app is in the kids category, there are certain guidelines such as there is a partial limitation on the use of third-party analytics and advertisements, there should be no purchase options without a portal parental.
  • Your app should never physically harm users, for example – if you have a drug dosage calculator, it should be directly compared to drug manufacturers.
  • Your supported URL must be included with your app for users to contact you.
  • Your application must strictly adhere to data security.

2. Performance

Your application should be subject to associated performance guidelines, such as

  • Completeness of the application.
  • Beta testing.
  • Accurate metadata.
  • Hardware compatibility.
  • Software requirements.

3. Business

If you have a commercial application, the model should be obvious and it should be explained in metadata and notices. Once your application has a high price relative to the irrationally high price, it may be rejected and not distributed. You should never follow a third-party review service to improve reviews and increase chart rankings.

4. Design

Your application must be innovative, refined and must be easy to use and your application can be under this

  • An imitator of other apps.
  • Application with very minimal functionality.
  • The app is similar in category.
  • Extension with marketing, advertising or in-app purchase.
  • HTML5 games, bots, etc.

5. Legal

Your app must meet legal standards based on its location. You are the one responsible for circumventing local law such as privacy, authorization, data minimization, access, account, login, etc.


Once your apps meet the app guidelines and overcome the issues as we mention, your app may not be rejected. More about iOS app development available here.

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