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Before (and win) after the competition Grand Chief: Seattle In 2012, Kristen Kish became a staple in the cooking world as well as on television thanks to her long-running success in the kitchen and, more recently, as one of three chefs featured on the TV show. TruTV’s cooking contest. in the form of, fast foodNow Kish is teaming up with Alton Brown to co-host Netflix’s revival iron bossFamous Japanese cooking competition series.

Although “the original is iconic in its own way,” Kish told ET that “when you put it on Netflix, it just gets bigger. of whistles,” she adds, “that doesn’t get in the way of the show’s original DNA.”

double Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend, the streaming platform has upped the ante in the competition by offering a challenger a chance to be named Iron Legend for the first time. Each week, various challengers compete in a revamped cooking stadium with a different Iron Chef as they create a flawless tasting menu that also includes that episode’s secret ingredient.

World-renowned culinary masters in this episode include Curtis Stone, Dominic Crain, Marcus Samuelsson, Ming Tsai and Gabriella Camara, while chefs Mason Hereford, Curtis Duffy, Claudette Zepeda, Esther Choi, Gregory Gourdet, Mei Lin and Yaya Wang have climbed the ladder. I tried to win the winner’s circle

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While Kish has dominated cooking contests in the past, his immediate reaction upon hearing about Netflix’s revival was, “I don’t cook because I can’t. I can’t handle my anxiety anymore,” she says.

So if she wasn’t going to compete, she only left two spots on the show: judge or host. And it wasn’t long before Kish got the call that she would be sharing the stage with Brown, who has presented previous iterations of cooking contests on the Food Network. “All of a sudden it started to happen,” the chef says, “that’s how all the great things in my life start.”

On the show, Kish and Brown bring excitement to the competition by offering ideas and shots that are elaborated upon in each episode. While Brown’s Kitchen sits behind the podium on the platform above the stadium, Kish often goes to the ground to check out what’s being made and sneak a few bites of the culinary offerings.

It’s hard not to appreciate how much fun she has while chatting with competing chefs, presenting the final dish for a jury led by Andrew Zimmern and Nilou Motamed, or banqueting with Brown. “I was having a really good time,” Kish says, revealing that Brown “left the door open for me to be who I wanted to be.”

And when it comes to circling the set again and again, Kish says, “I find it hard to stay in one place… Maybe it’s just my personality, but I’m constantly on the move. ” But it also proved to be a useful way to “define my role” and offer something different from Brown.

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When it comes to competition, weekly face-to-face dramas tend to wobble, especially when it comes to shocking reveals of the secret ingredient. As in the original series, the variety of culinary twists offered under the direction of the chef cost nothing.

As for Kish, his favorite ingredients are those that aren’t often at the forefront of recipes. An example is milk, “because it’s something we can all cook at some point,” she says, explaining that it “usually becomes that secondary ingredient. And in many ways, ice cream Except what else can you do with him being the star?”

The competition also sees others chef The alumni, Gregory Gourdette and Mei Lin take on Iron Chef with Jeremy Ford, who serves as their leader during the challenge. In addition to winning Season 13, Ford is also one of the leaders fast food, Although Kish had no effect on the outcome, it was fun to reunite with his Bravo and TruTV families. “Being able to see my friends shine and show my friends what they’re good at, that excites me,” she says.

In the meantime, when it comes to appearing chef Again, Kish is always happy to come back – as long as it’s on the other side of the competition. She recently appeared as a guest judge for the past two seasons alongside several other notable alumni, including Gourdet. But with the upcoming 20th season filming entirely overseas, it’s unclear who will get the chance to reunite.

“I have a lot to give chefsaid Kish. “Even I find myself in this position of being able to co-host iron boss, Like, I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for him. So, I will always take an opportunity, if I’m able to come back, and be a part of an iconic show that helped shape my career. ,

Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend Now streaming on Netflix.

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