LoveWindowsAgain: Fix Windows 11 Problems in Just a Few Clicks

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LoveWindowsAgain is a new open source application from the developer of ThisIsWin11 and TweakUIX. The new app focuses on fixing issues users may encounter with the Windows 11 operating system, but it can also be used to quickly install popular programs using the Windows Package Manager.

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Microsoft Defender may block the app once it is downloaded. It detected Trojan:Script/Wacatac.B!ml on a test system. A scan on Virustotal returned no results. The program modifies system settings, and that’s why Microsoft Defender reports it.

LoveWindowsAgain is very similar to Microsoft Fix-It apps and troubleshooting apps. It scans the system for problems and displays options for the user to fix them automatically or manually. The scan is quick, and most users can select Menu > Advanced Mode to view all detected issues that the program suggests fixing.

It’s possible to fix all of these problems automatically with the click of a button, but it’s generally not a good idea to let a program make changes to the system that you may not be aware of. Advanced mode displays all the issues the program is looking for and suggested actions.

The initial release of LoveWindowsAgain analyzes two dozen issues. He suggests disabling telemetry in Chrome and Firefox, enabling the display of hidden filename extensions in File Explorer, disabling the Windows 11 widgets feature, or enabling full context menus in the file explorer.

All these options can be changed manually in Windows, but the program makes things easier, especially if it is run at the first system startup. Options to restore the initial state are provided.

Install or remove apps from Windows

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The “More Tools” section at the bottom of the screen lists additional options for app users. The two main tools at the time of writing provide users with the ability to install popular third-party apps using Windows Package Manager and remove installed Windows apps from the system.

Selecting the first option displays a list of apps that users can install on their device. The list includes applications such as KeePass, Brave, Gimp, Microsoft PowerToys, BleachBit, Acrobat Reader or Putty. There is no initial check to hide already installed programs from the list of available apps.

You can add some or all of the programs and tap the install button to install them in one quick operation on the device.

The removal tool uses the same interface, but it lists installed Windows applications that users can remove using it. You can select one, some or all apps and press the uninstall button to remove them from the system.

Closing words

LoveWindowsAgain is a promising open source application, which can speed up system tweaking or installing or removing applications. It might need more tweaks, but all the processes, including restoring the tweaks to their original state, are already working fine.

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