Open Source Cloud Asset Management with Yevgeny Pats

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This episode is hosted by Alex DeBrie.
Alex is the author of The DynamoDB Bookthe complete guide to data modeling with DynamoDB, as well as The DynamoDB Guide, a free guided introduction to DynamoDB. He runs a consulting company where he assists clients with DynamoDB data modeling, serverless architectures, and general AWS usage. You can find more of his work at

Almost all new technology companies are building in a public cloud, and established companies are rapidly migrating to the cloud from their on-premises data centers. But this move to the cloud can lead to a visibility problem. Cloud providers not only offer compute instances but also manage services such as databases, blob storage, queues, etc. It can be difficult for SRE teams and security departments to understand what is going on in a company’s cloud accounts.

Yevgeny Pats is the creator of CloudQuery, an open source cloud asset inventory powered by SQL. CloudQuery lets you ingest and structure your cloud account resources so you can query them using SQL. This allows SRE teams to understand the source of specific resources while security teams can ensure policy compliance.

In this episode, we’ll discuss CloudQuery, Evgeny’s entrepreneurial experience, and fundraising with an open source project.

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