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For those of us for whom the words “circadian rhythm” and “melatonin” have ceased to have meaning, sleep has become a commodity sometimes as rare and as precious as… and here I am thinking of a metaphor that would mean value. .a fresh cauliflower or half a dozen tomatoes. Life in the 21st century has become a 24-hour affair. Morpheus promises to help you find a certain balance in your life.

Well, I think that’s what the soothing French voice told me when I first pressed “play”. At first glance, it looks like a receptacle for clock keys, tastefully housed in a wooden bowl. Closer inspection and a quick reference to the instructions reveal a deeper purpose.

Ah, sleep, that opiate of my brain with dulled senses; this pick-me-up that refreshes and restores body, mind and soul. You don’t really realize the importance of sleep until it slips away from you for a while. In my state of sleep deprivation, the words “Draai de eerste sleutel om” were illusory and hovered at the edge of my comprehension. “Wasn’t that crazy? I thought, before noticing the friendly “EN” on the other book in the pack. As I write, I’m told to feel my belly swell with deep breathing and go down in zzzzzzzzzzzz… Oops! More after a little nap!

I am now wide awake! After playing around a bit more, I can report that the interface of Morpheus takes a bit of getting used to. An adult life of touchscreens and keyboards shaped a brain that had almost forgotten its analog past. Morpheus made the decision to go mechanical for a purpose. More on that later, but let’s look at the interface.

Quirky is cool! : The three mechanical keys control the power, settings and functions of Morpheus. There are both male and female voice options, and both voices are obviously aimed at engendering feelings of relaxation. Once you get the idea, the keys start to make sense. I’m now at the stage where I can now do it in the dark. The second key chooses the session. Each of the 8 techniques involves 8 sessions. The third key defines the duration of your session, either 8 or 20 minutes. Keep practicing and you’ll quickly get used to turning keys instead of pressing buttons.

Hats off to Pavlov: The original controls take a bit of getting used to, but I’m already starting to gain confidence and had fun trying out a range of sessions. It’s also fun to get your brain used to working with a more mechanical control system, which doesn’t use digital displays. Computer and television screens are notorious for keeping our brains alert. For this reason, they should never, ever end up in your bedroom. Do you remember Pavlov’s dog? Morpheus obviously does, and the original melatonin-inducing interface is obviously designed to lull our nervous system into a restful sleep. The first key contains 8 relaxation and sleep techniques.

The well-rounded timbres of Morphée’s voices have their own soporific properties. When I settled into the office, it only took a few minutes before I felt drowsy. In the end, I retired to the bedroom, listened to the breathing exercises as I quickly fell asleep in a grandpa’s nap. The melodious tones from the speakers will soon allow you to completely relax and head off to the land of Nod.

You can control the duration of the sessions by the switch which allows you to choose between 8 or 20 minutes. Breathing exercises are intended to promote relaxation. I found the sound effects helpful, encouraging my brain to accept that white noise and forget about my ongoing tinnitus. Last night I fell asleep listening to the sound of water.

My only complaint is that I’m limited to 8 or 20 minutes of Morpheus. I would like to keep it for a long time.

Meanwhile, trying to stay awake by reciting Keat’s Ode to Melancholy doesn’t help. I’ll have to look for my “brain dull opiate”, the kind that comes in a cup!

I managed to stay awake long enough to find it selling online with prices ranging from $177.00 NZD. Charging is done with a USB cable, and gives you seven to ten days of use.

I hope my editors acknowledge my sacrifices as I nap through my data collection, all in an effort to keep you, dear readers, fully informed. My motivation for all these breathing exercises goes far beyond my simple search for air. I breathe and sleep for you.

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