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It is a key component for any business that addresses customer satisfaction in a way that improves profits and the overall smooth running of the business. The competition continues to grow and the focus on achievement faces various challenges. In the sector of the supply chain industry, the development of opportunities is varied and relatively, it creates new opportunities for business improvements and exploits the possibilities of expansion.

Having made a point of seizing each of the opportunities, let us shed light on the

  • Challenges
  • Opportunities and key transformation
  • The ecosystem
  • Smart Solutions
  • technological process
  • Strategic success


  • Responding spontaneously to the expectations of the points of sale, this criterion keeps them in the pile to progress.
  • Expectation of phenomenal growth with customer base.
  • Difficulty processing queries at different ends.
  • Tired of streamlining distributed data for point-of-sale decision making and business growth.
  • A high expectation with transparency with the company and the transaction is not possible.
  • Significant increase in operating cost.
  • Working with customers is a challenge.

Opportunities and key transformation

It is important to integrate agility, convenience, collaboration, communication, automated processes, business intelligence to open up to the innovative business and this is possible with digitization.

To provide a good ecosystem, it is essential to implement a flexible operating model that absorbs the business landscape. An agile and responsive solution to meet challenges. Build transfer to maximum levels and all phases.

Keep channels up-to-date allowing for a consistent operating model. Cumulative date outlook in a single view makes it easy to manage stock distribution and inventory management. Being well synchronized engages the points of sale, the customers without disappointments.

An ecosystem

Soon, the do or die situation will rule the supply chain industry as meeting stakeholder expectations goes beyond the conventional model.

It is important to go digital by embracing emerging technology to prepare for the future. Achieving the new growth and revamping the whole process in an innovative way puts success ahead.

Here’s what Better Lives has in store for you! A bargain – All this comes with a 50% cost reduction.

Create a new trend with Smart Supply Chain Office. Get an overview of each area and get comprehensive event information in one place. Compare the operating model with touch inputs and access aggregated data for planning. Execute ideas and plans methodologically with full alignment with all outlets and nodes. Experience the ease of operations and help POS staff operate with ease.

Simplicity is what we call iPRO SUPPLY CHAIN

This single platform provides a comprehensive experience for stakeholders. The channels are well connected enabling and practicing the tasks automatically. This leverages better customer interactions, synchronized operating model, inventory tracking, case logistics with end-to-end operational advantage with real-time insight.

This responsive cloud solution invites point-of-sale and manufacturing units. This reduces operational costs and brings adaptability to business growth with confidence and transparency.

The IoT enriched application provides virtual tracking with full control. The automation of data analysis brings much more efficiency to decision-making and helps to minimize human resources.

Strategic success

  • Automate the process at all ends and experience manageability.
  • The robotic update on repetitive functions that works on time and saves cost.
  • Full customization to standardize your deal flow.
  • All repetitive activities can be deleted automatically.
  • Real-time analysis with predictions to manage well in advance.
  • Each of the predictions becomes a game changer to make unbiased decisions.
  • Smart connections with stakeholders keep the movement going with confidence.
  • Operational excellence is achieved with 80% cost reduction.
  • Added with NLP and visual content makes the layman happy.
  • Distributions and logistics are at your fingertips.

Overall, technology shows revenue growth and customers are satisfied with personalized experiences, order fulfillment leads to better profitability with better sales, optimized production, low operational cost and incremental success.

At Better Lives, we leverage the supply chain app with full customization and provide full service to benchmark this platform across the globe which adds enhanced business value.

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