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Are you one of those people who believe in something? Or people who are not easily influenced by things that smell of profit? We ask this question because there are still many people who doubt that forex is an investment instrument that does not give any results, aka “nil”. In general, forex trading is one of the most volatile trading instruments or changes drastically based on market conditions at that time. No wonder the forex market game is really quite “mystical” if you don’t practice properly practicing your skills and knowledge about Forex.

Although we are aware that forex is buying and selling foreign currencies, there are still many people who are involved in it instead of wanting to learn to invest. Isn’t it much better to invest in safer stocks and mutual funds? So why do you keep trading? The reason is simple, the profit value is faster and bigger. Because everyone knows that forex investing, the return is greater than other instruments, unless you play stocks with large capital at all, if the stock is “fried” then it is definitely very useless. Talking about forex trading, it adheres to the “Over Simplistic” understanding, which means that the main goal of the activity will produce what.

Whether profit or loss, the answer is up to you to decide for yourself. The misconception that forex is just a myth to get profit, that’s because traders don’t really calculate it correctly and only think that if I step I will definitely profit, even though that’s not what I want to emphasize in the forex game. There are two basic indicators or parameters that can bring you victory, the first is a fundamental indicator that you can apply in playing forex by looking at the current economic conditions and situation and some information from the news, while the second indicator is technical by focusing on seeing the pattern of a downtrend and an uptrend every day.

Is Money from Forex a Myth or Fact?

It’s actually interesting to discuss articles like this, because we try to be honest with every reader regarding your curiosity about the world of forex trading. We can conclude, there are still many people who believe in myths without any direct evidence that is really real or concrete. So we need to explain this in detail to you so you don’t misunderstand in the future, this can be an easy understanding for you, plus playing tactics are the real key to victory in our opinion. People who win will say that profit is real, while those who lose clearly say that it is a myth. These two scenarios can really change the mindset of many people who don’t know for sure how to play forex trading well.

  1. Holding position = Auto Profit

Is it true that holding a forex trading position can make a profit? Generally, traders who do this are long-term type traders who have done thorough market research and analysis. So he believes that by holding the current price, they will profit tomorrow or the next few days, ideally they will hold the position 2 days to 5 days, depending on the analysis they have thought and calculated with their eyes. The purpose of holding this position, who knows the chart can rise again according to the initial target. So, whether it’s a myth or not depends on your own calculations, if you are quite sure about the theory of analysis you are doing. It is very likely that the profit opportunity will be large, but if you are in doubt and just trying, don’t expect any profit you will get. Because in practice, seeing the price movements of the forex market is quite fast, even a novice trader will be confused by this. Profit hundreds of pits is fun, moreover, that’s the result of your analysis so far.

  1. Install take profit and stop loss every day

When it comes to this we can say myths and facts, myths for those who are too dependent on this method for the security of their accounts, many traders cannot properly calculate the use of this feature so it is often wrong in its application. In fact, if you want to apply this well, as a result, the comparison you get is around 2:1, meaning that you gain 2 times with a small value or limit and lose 1 time with a small loss. The use of this strategy in addition to increasing account security, also reduces the risk of large losses due to loss trading. In the process itself, you must be really disciplined to observe it properly because price movements can change every second.

  1. News release, the result must be loss or profit

This habitual disease that is often carried out by traders is often clear evidence that profit from forex is sometimes just a myth. News often distracts you, because it is very likely that it could be made to play with prices. Once again, although analyzing prices from news information, including from Fundamental techniques, but there are still many traders who don’t pay attention to it. Because this will conflict with the strategy or strading plan that we have planned at the beginning, it can be said that it will confuse our minds in preparing future trading concepts. So, it’s also a good idea to believe the news but adjust it according to the results of your analysis, whether it supports or contradicts.

  1. Use a professional trader system, can you make a profit?

There are so many brokers out there that make it easy to copy trading methods for professional traders, so can it really make money? Because, not at all. Because the technique for playing forex once again does not imitate the calculation of the opened position but from the way it is played, this is what is often misunderstood by many novice traders out there. Hoping to get more profit, even though it is wrong in the sense of “following”. At a minimum, you have your own strategy in mastering forex trading, without copying and pasting other people’s strategies that you cannot follow.

Until here, the information that we can convey to you is related to the facts and myths of getting profit from forex trading activities. In our opinion, things like this are quite natural for traders to question, especially those who often lose or have difficulty making profits. At least, with this information you are a little relieved because not all information that is considered a “myth” actually gives you profit. Please see our other information about the world of trading, hopefully this article will be useful for you in the future. Don’t forget to check out our other information. Thank you.


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