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Breakthroughs from labs that focus exclusively or primarily on research tend to stay buried as articles. Sometimes the lag is natural, the research is well ahead of its broad applicability. But we find that there are hundreds of useful breakthroughs long before they reach users. It can take many years, even decades, before breakthroughs are made in products that improve people’s lives. It’s massively inefficient! Research needs to be tightly coupled with development and deployment, so we can get through the cycle quickly and create good products that actually solve user problems.
Protocol Labs is a laboratory for the research, development and deployment of network protocols. Their projects include IPFS, Filecoin, libp2p and many more.

Jeromy Johnson is a distributed systems researcher who focuses on the design of incentive mechanisms and the scalability of trustless distributed systems. He joins us today to share how Protocol Labs is spearheading innovation in web3.

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