Publicis Sapient and The Man Cave are driving digital transformation for mental health

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Publicis Sapient and The Man Cave are joining forces to help support the mental health and wellbeing of young men around the world.

The Man Cave will use Publicis Sapient’s expertise in digital transformation to help scale its organization, with Publicis Sapient performing the technical work pro bono.

The collaboration aims to support the scaling and development of The Man Cave’s systems so that they can meet the growing demand for services. Publicis Sapient says they will work to define a new business and service model that ensures The Man Cave has the flexibility to reach wider audiences in Australia and globally through face-to-face and digital engagement.

Currently, The Man Cave runs transformational programs for boys and has worked with over 27,000 young men across Australia on early intervention programs. Research shows that the need for effective online services is crucial in the mental health sector, with the Publicis Sapient Digital Citizen Survey revealing that 57% of Australians have sought treatment for a mental illness in the last year. 72% of people with a mental health problem say an online mental health consultation would make them more likely to seek help.

Online support and solutions are seen as more effective by younger generations, with research showing that Gen Z (72%) and Millennials (80%) would seek help online.

“Research shows that digital services can make a big difference in mental health, both by encouraging people with problems to seek help and by making support more accessible to those who need it most. “, says Publicis Sapient MD Australia. Claire Rawlins.

“Our association with The Man Cave is a step in the right direction in paving the way for preventive mental health programs to be accessible to young men.”

Man Cave CEO Hunter Johnson said changes in the way people, and especially young men, interact during the pandemic have led to a lack of mental health support when it is available. an obvious need.

“The COVID-19 pandemic and months of distance learning for college students have robbed young men of their typical outlets and support mechanisms,” he says.

“We see teenagers struggling to stay motivated, needing to relearn how to socialize with each other after they return to school, and feeling unable to meaningfully engage in conversations about critical topics, such as consent and mental health. Boys also feel confused about their roles in society and a lack of belonging.”

Johnson says the partnership will allow the organization to target these key areas of concern and promote better health and well-being for all.

“We want to reach more boys with our programs to build a world where every young man has respectful relationships, reaches his full potential and contributes to his community. Working with Publicis Sapient will allow us to make our programs more accessible to boys and young people. young men and we are thrilled to have them as partners to guide us on this journey,” he says.

“The Man Cave has done amazing work and made a real difference with preventative mental health and emotional intelligence programs for our youth,” adds Rawlins.

“We’re thrilled to be a partner of choice on his digital transformation journey and look forward to furthering his mission to make life-changing programs more accessible to young boys through channels that resonate with the next generation.”

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