Slack adds multi-person screen sharing capabilities to Huddles

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New Coworking Features and Live Slider Features Aim to Boost Virtual Collaboration on the Communication Platform


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Slack has added new “co-working” tools to its Huddles service which includes video and multi-person screen sharing features.

The new features revealed Wednesday at Slack Frontiers are part of the communications platform’s “digital HQ” strategy that aims to make Slack a virtual replacement for the office.

Slack Huddles is not meant to replace video conferencing services like Zoom or Google Hangouts as it is more for quick sessions or impromptu meetings of around 10 minutes or so. Specifically, Slack Huddles was developed to recreate the informal chats co-workers have in offices.


Taking this further, users will soon be able to see themselves as the Huddles will have a “lightweight” video that will be accessible with a single click. This will include multi-person screen sharing and the ability to react to others with drawings and emojis and share documents, links and comments in a thread. Also, the thread will automatically save to the channel so you can access it later.

All groups will start in audio-only mode by default, in a small, minimized screen. One click will launch the video and users can also select blurred or stylized backgrounds.

Screen sharing features will be different from traditional models because each user on the call can share their screen simultaneously. It might sound a bit confusing, but as a use case, Slack describes a design session where different participants can display their own images at the same time for the rest of the call to view. These can then be worked on with a live cursor which can be used to underline and highlight certain elements of a split screen, so if something about a design needs to be changed, users can draw over the part that they want to fix.

All new coworking features will be available to Slack customers – regardless of subscription level – in the fall and can be used with Slack Connect.

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