Some users report printing issues in Microsoft Edge 102

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Microsoft released a new stable version of the company’s Edge web browser a few days ago. Microsoft Edge 102 fixed several security issues in the browser, including three that were specified for Edge. The majority of security issues in Edge are shared with other Chromium-based browsers such as Google Chrome.

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Gunter Born mentioned on his German blog that some users seem to have problems printing in Microsoft Edge after updating to version 102. Printing is no longer possible in Edge on the affected systems according to several users who have already reported the problem on Born’s blog, Twitter, and Microsoft’s support website.

The issue seems to affect different localized versions. Born initially thought only German systems were affected, but administrators and users with English and French versions of Windows confirmed later that is not the case.

An administrator Noted on Twitter that the impression across the organization has been affected.

Well…my entire organization can’t print PDFs anymore. It’s not like we don’t average 10-20k impressions a fucking day or whatever (load labels on mailings)

The majority of systems appear unaffected by the issue, and the cause of the issue is unclear at the time of writing.

The only workaround available at the time of writing is to downgrade Microsoft Edge to version 101. Downgrading is not a simple process as Microsoft Edge is not updated through Windows Update. He is necessary to perform a series of tasks that include installing policy templates, disabling updates, and running commands from the command line to restore Edge to a previous version.

Older Microsoft Edge installers can be downloaded from Microsoft Edge professional download site. Older version download options for all supported desktop platforms are available on the website.

Microsoft has not confirmed the issue at the time of writing.

Now you: Are you affected by the printing issue in Edge?


Some users report printing issues in Microsoft Edge 102

Article name

Some users report printing issues in Microsoft Edge 102

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Microsoft Edge 102 update seems to cause printing issues in the web browser for some users.


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