Sony’s Walkman makes an expensive digital comeback

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Sony unveiled new Walkman models with a rather hefty price tag, the Signature Series Walkman ‘NW-WM1ZM2’ and ‘NW-WM1AM2.’

Both MP3 players are designed for audiophiles and feature a five-inch 720p display, an upscaling algorithm that delivers 16-bit, 44/48kHz CD-quality audio, Wi-Fi streaming Fi, a USB-C port, up to 40 hours of battery life when playing 96kHz FLAC audio, and Android compatibility.

There is, however, a difference in storage, price, and design between the two devices.

The ZM2 features a gold-plated exterior and an oxygen-free copper chassis. The S-Master HX digital amp features “thinned” capacitors, thick Kimber Kable (to be connected to the headphone jack), gold reflow soldering to improve sound localization and 256 GB of storage.

As for the less sophisticated AM2 model, it incorporates an aluminum alloy body with a resistant oxygen-free copper cable and 128 GB of storage.

As for the price, the glamorous ZM2 model will retail for US$3,700 (approximately CAD $4,790), while the AM2 model costs $1,400 (approximately CAD $1,812).

For more information on what both Walkman models have to offer, check out Sony’s site. website.

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