Telegram Premium has officially launched and has some new features but probably not worth the money

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When we first learned that Telegram was likely to offer a premium feature set, there was some excitement. Telegram Premium has rolled out and for what you get it just doesn’t seem worth it.

Don’t think we’re against the premium model, it’s important when you find an app or service you like to support the developers. Unfortunately, the feature set and interoperability in some areas for non-paying users $7.99 per month or $95.99 per year is just too much to ask. An important point to note is that Telegram has previously stated that the introduction of premium features will not hurt the level of free usage.

What you get

There are some great features, such as chat management allowing you to filter your chats into tabs to find them easily. You get larger file uploads, faster uploads (currently they are server-limited), and other limits have been doubled. This covers the number of channels, folders and chats you can have active and allows for adding an additional account.

Removing ads on public channels is, of course, a huge bonus!

Beyond that, the new features are cosmetic and offer little additional functionality to users. Especially since it is likely that free users will not be able to see or respond to them directly. Features like animated profile pictures, badges, and app icons add nothing to the experience. For the full list of features, see the Telegram Blog and let us know what you would pay for Premium Telegram features. Within the Ausdroid team, there is a feeling that up to $3.99 per month would work well, with a cap of $50 per year for premium features.

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