Ultimate Guide to Travel App Development in 2022

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Planning a trip was not as easy as it is today. All our thanks go to a feature rich travel app. With just one click, travel enthusiasts can book tickets, make hotel reservations, plan adventures, manage finances, and more.

Not only travelers but also travel industry players can have seamless operations as inventory management, itinerary planning, travel package cost analysis and communication with travel agents are now precise and fast.

In this guide, you will find out the details of travel app development in 2022 to achieve perfection.

Current Travel Market Application Scenario

The application of the travel market is at its highest level, as more and more people use smartphones/tablets and seek applications for each task. Here are some noteworthy statistics about the travel market app industry.

  • According to a recent study, nearly one billion travel app users in 2019.
  • com is the most downloaded travel app so far in 2021, 45.7 million people used the app.
  • 21% of global travelers have switched to a travel agent app and found it more useful than real-time travel agents.
  • 61% of US travelers prefer to use a mobile phone to make reservations and make reservations while traveling.
  • On average, US travelers use nearly 7-8 apps when planning their trip. It includes maps, airlines, weather, hotel booking apps and many more.
  • 66% of US travelers love the idea of ​​using a digital boarding pass because it makes traveling more enjoyable.

These statistics prove that the travel app is a boon for travelers and industry players.

Innovations and future trends influencing the development of mobile travel applications

While you plan to develop a travel app, keeping abreast of current and results-oriented technologies and trends is imperative. This leads to the development of futuristic applications.

  • The use of voice search and voice command will grow as travelers find it easier and hassle-free. People perform voice searches for hotels, destinations, reservations and packages
  • Travelers love VR tours and they provide a real-time experience of a particular place without even visiting it. Travel agents have admitted that the use of VR tours increases the incidence of reservations and reservations. Therefore, you need to capitalize on this trend.
  • Personal travel bot agents are growing as travelers find them useful for personalized trip planning. They love the idea of ​​having a dedicated travel agent to help plan your trip according to your needs.
  • Contactless payment is a boon to the travel industry as it allows customers to make payments via multiple modes and at least the hassle possible. These payments are fast and bring discounts/coupons.
  • social media Trip planning is a feature that customers are looking for in a travel app. They want the app to collect suggestions from friends/family/expert reviews/social media posts when planning a trip. Such travel planning should be more appropriate and cost-optimized.
  • Cryptocurrency as a means of payment is one of the most recent developments facing the travel industry. Cryptocurrency is set to become the preferred mode of payment as it is safe and helps maintain anonymity. It would be better to include this technology in your future travel application.
  • IoT will penetrate deeper into the travel and travel industry as hotels use biometrics based room locking systems and a centralized system to control light/air conditioning/heaters. In fact, airports have started using sensor-based luggage cases that will send tampers to travelers.
  • Higher quality hotels have started using recognition technology to grant access. They use fingerprint scanning, retina scanning and other biometric tracings for quick and hassle-free access.

Types of Travel Mobile Apps You Can Develop

Depending on the requirement and the problems you are trying to solve using a mobile travel appyou have the choice to develop applications such as:

  • Scheduling app – For booking and booking, travel package comparisons and loyalty tracking. It is used by travel agencies, travel suppliers and consumers.
  • Deal Alerts App – Used to divert traffic from interested customers to the partner site. Travel agents mainly use these apps and provide details of local offers and cost-optimized packages.
  • Travel guide app – These apps are useful for trip planning as travel guides, tips, money saving tips, reviews and many other related information are provided.
  • Flight Booking App – Perhaps the most widely used travel app, flight booking app helps a traveler compare airfare prices, book flights, redeem loyalty points, and more.
  • Virtual tour application – The application offers a realistic tour of the main travel destinations using the 3D camera, animations or panoramic photos. It is useful for travel agents, travel agencies, hotels and restaurants.

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Key Features of Travel App Development

A travel app development in 2022 succeeds only when it includes the best utility with relevant features. Therefore, make sure that the features mentioned below are part of your travel app.

  • Climate and Weather Updates – There’s no point in offering a travel app that provides real-time weather updates. Knowing the climatic conditions and the weather is helpful for the whole trip planning. It helps to strategically pack and equip according to the climatic conditions of the place.
  • GPS tracking and geolocation – Traveling to unfamiliar places can be stressful for some. So it is better to provide GPS tracking and location tracking features in the mobile travel app. This feature makes it easy for travelers to find the nearest places and follow the route.
  • Voice Search – As mentioned above, more and more people are using voice search when planning a trip. So, if you include this feature in your travel app, your app can definitely gain an edge over others.
  • Opinions and recommendations – We all like to check reviews and recommendations when making any purchase. This matters more in travel planning as some places can be disappointing in reality. With user reviews and recommendations, it’s easy to know if the place is worth visiting.
  • Multiple payment gateways – Payment is an integral part of trip planning, unless you only offer travel guides or virtual reality tours. An ideal travel mobile app should be able to accept multiple payment methods and process payments securely.
  • Currency converter – This feature is useful if you offer international travel packages as it will allow travelers to easily find the converted currency value.
  • Followed – A mobile travel app should be able to track packages and booking status in real time. Tracking related to flight status, hotel booking status, taxi arrival, etc. should be offered. Tracking these travel components keeps travelers informed and on time.
  • Price comparison – If your customers want the best deal, you need to offer price comparison metrics. Using this tool, your customers will be able to compare flight, hotel and travel packages and get a great deal.
  • Itinerary generator – Planning a trip is tedious and confusing work. Plus, people don’t want to waste time planning a trip. With an itinerary generator, travelers will have a personalized travel itinerary ready in a snap. This saves a tremendous amount of time and effort.

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