What is the difference between RAW and JPEG: RAW vs JPEG

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If you want to know the difference between RAW and JPEG, check the full article for detailed information.

RAW and JPEG are two of the most popular and common image formats. These two formats have their attributes. These days, most digital cameras save images in RAW or JPEG format. Some cameras may even offer an option to save images in either format. Therefore, it becomes very important for the photographer to choose between the two.

To help you even more, in the last sections of this article, we will explain the difference between RAW and JPEG. This will clear any doubts you have regarding the two. But before we go over the differences, let’s look at the definition of the two.

What is the RAW file format?

RAW is the format of the image captured by the camera in its original digital form. This captured image is unprocessed and uncompressed in any form. So it’s completely original. Even some scanners can provide you with RAW format output. This format can store the image after occupying more space in the memory as it maintains lossless quality for all your images. If briefly explained, RAW is not a category of image format. Instead, RAW is a file format that stores data as images.

What is the JPEG image format?

Unlike RAW, JPEG is an image format. The main purpose of the JPEG format is to reduce the size of the image by compressing it. Hence, the file size of such an image is also smaller compared to RAW file. This format is one of the most commonly used and seen image formats from the JPG house. Most of the time, editors and photographers use the format to apply the desired changes to the image and then save it.

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Main points of difference between RAW and JPEG

To answer the question what is the difference between RAW and JPEG, we provide the table below. Here you will find all the main points of difference between the two formats.

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RAW vs JPEG: Successfully Explained

So, here we conclude the main difference between RAW and JPEG. Hopefully, after looking at the differences, you got all the details you needed. If you can, we recommend using the RAW image format on your camera. This will allow you to easily retain the best quality images from your capture device.

If you have questions about the difference between RAW and JPEG and other similar topics. You can contact us using the comments section below. We will help you with the perfect solutions for your queries with ease. We also appreciate your helpful comments and suggestions.

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